Remembering Joan Peacock (1926 – 2018)

Joan Peacock learnt to ring at Tring in Hertfordshire. Following the war, her long career in the Personnel Department of May & Baker brought her to Essex where she joined the Hornchurch band in 1946 and made rapid progress under the guidance of then master, Frank Gant.

Her cheerful personality earned her many friends including the Salisbury brothers, Dulcie Wright, Lionel Woods, Chris Pain and John Stephenson who remember her with affection. She was helpful to the learners and rang 9 peals at Hornchurch including a notable performance for The Queen’s Coronation in 1953:

The Essex Association
Hornchurch, St Andrew

On 2nd June 1953 in 3hrs 3mins

5056 Plain Bob Major

Comp: D.W.Beard

1. Mrs Dorothy Wright
2. Joan Peacock 
3. Jimmy Carrott   
4. Donald Salisbury   
5. Colin Wright
6. Sid Penfold
7. Andy Salisbury
8. Frank Gant (c)

Rung for The Queen’s Coronation

100th peal – 8

She remained an active member of the Hornchurch band for more than 50 years and was a life member of The Essex Association. Following her retirement from ringing in the late 1990’s, she remained an active rambler into her mid 80’s and could always be found pouring over the pages of The Ringing World for news of her old friends and colleagues.

She passed away on 18th March 2018, just short of her 92nd birthday. The photograph shows Joan at her 90th birthday party. A quarter peal was rung in thanksgiving for her life at Hornchurch on 8th April and is printed below.

She will be greatly missed.

Hornchurch, Essex
St Andrew     

Sunday, 8 April 2018

1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)

(Standard 8)

1. Colin Friend
2. John W Stephenson
3. Louise Booth
4. Peter J Joyce
5. Christopher C M Pain
6. Clive J Stephenson
7. Andrew P Barham
8. Matthew E Rayner (C)

For Evensong and in thanksgiving for the life of Joan Peacock, a regular ringer at this tower for at least 50 years.