The Augmentation of the bells project took place in 2001. The aim of the project was to add two new bells to the tower toward the end of the year, which would be exactly 100 years after the two bells were added in 1901. It would mean that the 2001 ringers would have their new bells stamped in history.

The ringers of St. Andrews desired ten bells for a number of reasons. Ten bells improve the musical characteristics of the bells, allow a greater variety of ringing and because the new bells would be lighter, younger ringers would find them easier to manage. In addition, general ringing quality at services, weddings and other occasions would be enhanced.

The cost of the project undertaken required that the ringers would need to raise some £10,000 in addition to the £15,000 funds that were already present. This cost included the price of the new bells, the new fittings and fixtures and for the ringers gallery to be extended out into the church.

The extension of the gallery meant that four tablets would be moved that were attached to the north and south sides of the tower.

Fundraising events took place, one of these events being the sponsored ring. This involved 20 ringers keeping the 8 bells ringing continuously to a set method for 2 hours. The ropes were passed on to other ringers in the form of the relay, a tricky activity, to achieve this feat.