Hornchurch Ringers Welcome New Baby Boy

Letitia and Andrew Smith from the Hornchurch band are now the proud parents of a brand new baby boy, Evan David who was born at 5.15pm on 8th June, weighing 8lb and 5oz. Both parents have rung at Hornchurch for a number of years, Letitia since 1995 when she was 10 and Andrew since 2002.

A quarter peal was arranged and successfully completed to celebrate the occasion. The band were all local ringers and included Andy (Dad) and Leonie (aunty) whilst mother and baby opted to listen in the churchyard.

Full details of the quarter peal are as follows: Hornchurch, St Andrew’s Sunday 22nd June 2014 1296 Plain Bob Caters 1. Gavin Carpenter 6. Neil Booth 2. Christopher Pain 7. Andrew Smith 3. John Stephenson 8. Gavin Lee 4. Leonie Hughes 9. Clive Stephenson (c) 5, Philip Denton 10. Alan Street Rung to celebrate the birth of Evan David Smith on 8th June 2014.

Photo: Back Row: L to R: Neil Booth, Chris Pain, Alan Street, Andrew Smith, Philip Denton John Stephenson, Gavin Lee, Clive Stephenson. Front Row: L to R: Leonie Hughes, Letitia Smith (with Evan), Gavin Carpenter.