Successful Peal for Paul’s 70th Birthday

Paul Bloomfield celebrated his 70th birthday on 17th February 2018.

A peal to mark the occasion was rung by a visiting band from the Oxford Guild on 10th March. The peal was conducted by an 18 year old.

Full details of the peal are as follows:

Oxford Diocesan Guild
Hornchurch, Essex
St Andrew
Saturday, 10 March 2018 in 3h 06m
5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
Composed by Robin O Hall

1. E John Wells
2. June D Wells
3. Daniel J Page
4. David E Rothera
5. Thomas R Sherwood
6. Bernard F L Groves
7. Anna E Sherwood (C)
8. Edward J W Manley
9. Clive J Stephenson
10. Colin G Newman

A slightly belated 70th birthday compliment to Paul J Bloomfield, with whom the tenor ringer spent many a long hour ringing in bygone years. Also well known to some others in the band.

First on 10 and second peal – 5 (aged 14)
First on 10 as conductor having previously called Surprise Maximus

A short extract of the peal is available on You Tube