Quarter Peal for 100th Anniversary of WW1 Victim

The August 2017 edition of the Hornchurch parish magazine records the death of a Hornchurch ringer, John Brockhurst, on November 2nd  1917 in Palestine during WW1. C.T. Perfect’s book about Hornchurch, written  that year, lists among the ringers J.W. Brockhurst and J. Brockhurst who was the Tower Captain. It is likely that it is the former who was killed and the latter possibly his father.

On November 5th, the nearest Sunday to the centenary of John’s death, the current Hornchurch ringers rang a quarter peal for evensong and in memory of John Brockhurst.

The published details are as follows:

Hornchurch, Essex

St Andrew

Sunday, 5 November 2017

1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major

  1. Christopher C M Pain
  2. Ros C Skipper
  3. John W Stephenson
  4. Jillian Laken
  5. James Laken
  6. Matthew E Rayner
  7. Paul J Bloomfield
  8. Clive J Stephenson (C)

For Evensong and in memory of Private John Brockhurst, a ringer at St Andrew’s who fought in WW1 in Gallipoli and Palestine and was killed in action 100 years ago on 2/11/1917 aged 27

First in method – 2